Ansul FM 200 Fire Suppression System

Ansul FM 200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Fire sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems come in many varying types.  From water based to foam based to chemical agents, they all have certain types of hazards that they can extinguish the flames effectively if a fire were to break out.  FM 200 clean agent fire suppression systems are very efficient and effective at putting out fires.  FM 200 is a fast, effective, and clean agent fire suppressant that leaves behind no residue.  It is one of the more common types of clean agent systems installed in facilities around the world to help protect against fires.



Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Ansul supplies a FM 200 clean agent fire suppression system that is approved by Factory Mutual (FM) and also listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for Class A, B and C fires.  This system is designed to work in enclosed spaces and help protect sensitive objects as well as other types of hazards.  If you have a data storage room, you will need a fire protection system that will not damage the electronics inside the room should a fire break out.  The FM 200 fire suppressant is dispersed into the air and it absorbs the heat which will rapidly extinguish the fire.  This fire suppressant is also safe for humans and has no ozone depleting properties compared to the older systems used in the past.  Systems can be set up with an automatic fire detection system.  As soon as a fire is detected, the system will be activated and begin to immediately work at extinguishing the fire.  This will help limit damage and save lives.

FM 200 Fire Suppression System

When you install a FM 200 fire suppression system, or any clean agent fire suppression system, you will have less downtime after a fire.  These type of systems do not leave any residue behind so clean up is less extensive then with foam or water.  They also can be used in occupied spaces.  The chemical makeup of the fire suppressant does not decrease the oxygen in the room.  It is electrically nonconductive, colorless, and odorless as well.  These fire protection systems use a low concentration of FM 200 as well so they take up less space than the larger foam or water systems.  As long as the concentration levels are maintained, the fire can not reignite and cause more damage.

When you are looking to install a fire protection system into your facility and you know that water will not work as your suppressant, ask your local fire protection company about using a clean agent fire suppressant.  These types of systems can work in mines, archives, museums, art galleries, chemical and power plants, telecommunications facilities, and many more.  An Ansul FM 200 fire protection system might be just the system for you.