Fire Suppression Systems for Valuable Equipment

Many spaces have fire protection systems to protect against a fire. In most instances, traditional fire sprinkler systems that are installed in a building provide adequate fire protection for the entire building and for anything inside the building. However, there may be instances where a dedicate fire protection system is designed and installed to protect a system or a piece of equipment. 


A Specialized Fire Suppression System

Losing a valuable piece of equipment could mean put your company out of business, or at least temporarily shut it down. If a fire destroys your equipment you could lose money due to:

  1. The cost of replacing the expensive equipment 
  2. The cost of downtime when the equipment is not running


For that reason, it is extremely important to have a fire suppression system in place designed to protect your specific piece of equipment. Equipment needing a dedicated fire suppression system includes:

  • Industrial machinery
  • MRI machines
  • Heavy equipment
  • NDT equipment
  • Steel pickling machinery


Suppression, Detection & Extinguishers

When it comes to protecting your valuable assets and processes, you should desire only the best systems. A combination of a fire suppression system, an early detection system and fire extinguishers provide the highest level of protection. Simply having fire sprinklers installed is not enough because:

  • Fire sprinklers may cause damage to sensitive equipment
  • Early detection systems can detect a fire before it even occurs, preventing devastating damage
  • Suppression systems react quickly to extinguish or contain the fire to prevent it spreading to other valuable equipment


Fire suppression systems such as clean agent systems, CO2 suppression, and dry chemical systems often work well to extinguish fires without damaging valuable equipment and processes. 


Some original equipment manufacturers may include a fire suppression system along with the piece of equipment which is a great option because you won’t have to worry about hiring a fire protection contractor to install a system for you. However, if your equipment does not come with a suppression system, a fire protection contractor can engineer a system that is tailored to your application for optimal protection. 


REL, Inc. is an OEM that provides automated fluorescent penetrant inspection equipment for non-destructive testing. Their systems come equipped with a fire suppression system to ensure the protection of the equipment and the workers.