FM 200 Fire Suppression System

FM 200 uses an agent called heptafluoropropane, a compound containing hydrogen, carbon and fluorine that suppresses flames by absorbing the heat. This chemical compound is stored as a liquid and vaporizes as it is discharged, protecting any assets in the area from both fire and extinguishing agent damage. 

Common Applications for FM 200 Systems 

FM 200 fire suppression systems are best suited for industrial applications with an electronic environment or other valuable assets that need additional protection. Applications best suited for a FM 200 system include: data centers, power plants, offices, hospitals, telecommunication facilities, museums, military applications and many others

FM 200  Fire Suppression System Benefits


This clean agent system is both fast reacting and effective, the agent is released ten seconds after the sensor is activated, suppressing the threat of fire. This fast acting system will provide premium protection for assets by greatly reducing the damage potential. 

Clean Agent 

FM 200 is a clean agent suppression system, meaning it doesn’t leave behind any residue and is safe for occupied spaces as it doesn’t suppress oxygen levels or block vision. 

Protection That Won’t Damage Valuable Assets

This clean agent doesn’t discharge any liquid or conduct electricity which are key factors for protecting valuable assets including computer systems, electrical equipment, artifacts, and other assets that can be damaged by water. 

Fire Protection Professionals 

3S Incorporated is a fire protection company serving the United States and across the globe with offices located in Ohio, Indiana, and Mexico. We have the experience and expertise to guide you through the system selection process and can offer you a customized solution to perfectly fit your needs. Our team of experts can design, install and service a wide range of fire suppression and alarm systems for many different applications.