Industrial Fire Alarm & Mass Notification Systems

Fire alarm and mass notification systems are an integral part of any industrial buildings’ life safety plan. Industrial facilities are often at risk of fire due to the many hazards present whether it be flammable materials or manufacturing processes. Having a fire alarms paired with a mass notification system can allow occupants of an industrial building to escape faster and safer when a fire occurs.

Networked Fire Alarm Systems for Industrial Applications

Large industrial facilities often have networked fire alarm systems with numerous fire alarm control panels that communicate with each other. Individual panels have control over their own areas that they are monitoring but the entire system can be viewed from one central location. Some benefits of networked alarm systems include:

  • Better survivability – if one panel goes down, the rest of the panels still have the ability to communicate
  • Can integrate with your mass notification system
  • Lower cost of central monitoring
  • Centralized network dashboard
  • Provides logging and reports

Benefits of Mass Notification Systems

Many large applications could benefit greatly from mass notification systems. A mass notification system sends messages throughout an organization to alert employees and the public of an emergency. For large industrial complexes, mass notification systems that are integrated with a fire alarm system can send voice, SMS or push notifications to everyone throughout the facility to let them know of a fire. Other events that can be alerted for include natural disasters, gas leaks, active shooter situations and more. Some benefits of mass notification include:

  • Improve response times in an emergency
  • Streamline communications
  • Save lives
  • Eliminates human error by being pre-programmed for specific events
  • Allows you to communicate with employees who are not on site
  • Gives real time instructions, reports and assistance

Contact 3S Incorporated for Fire Alarms & Mass Notification

At 3S Incorporated, we can design and install fire alarm and mass notification systems for large industrial applications. We have experience working with many complex applications to develop alarm and mass notification systems that are built to meet the facilities’ unique requirements. Our team can specify, design, install, and service all major manufacturers’ fire alarm systems. At 3S, we have worked with many industrial applications including automotive manufacturing, power generation, steel manufacturing and more. Contact us today to learn more about our fire alarm and mass notification systems.