Innovations in Fire and Life Safety

Life Safety Innovation Technicians

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Throughout the past decade, there has been significant growth in life safety innovations. Currently, notable alarm manufacturers such as Notifier and Silent Knight are working to release a new wireless line. By pushing the envelope, these manufacturers are hoping to achieve an increase in efficiency, productivity and environmental safety. Here are a few innovations that have already begun to alter the industry:

1. Pre-Assembled Flexible Sprinkler Head

  • Water based systems are beginning to see innovations such as pre-assembled, flexible sprinkler heads. The increase in efficiency cuts down on installation and design time, as well as maintenance work needed. Should a tenant relocate or experience a change in building layout, the labor involved with bending already existing flex heads is minimal.

2. Wireless Alarm Systems

  • Technology based alarm and detection systems are becoming more simple to operate. They now have the ability to be manipulated, allowing them to fit any building type. New wireless technologies have allowed for the growth of alarm systems through eliminating the need for running wire and drilling, making installation quicker and reducing disruption to facilities. Prior to going wireless, alarm systems were required to run conduit, which could potentially destroy the walls or other structures. This is especially problematic in historical buildings that are trying to preserve the original architecture. With wireless systems, occupancy can be gained according to code without compromising the structure of a building.

3. Special Hazards 

  • Special Hazards are achieving some of the greatest levels of growth. These systems are not limited to the protection of data rooms and have the ability to extinguish a fire with minimal or no use of water. There are plenty of alternatives to using water for fire suppression, each bringing their own advantages and drawbacks. Some of these options include hybrid systems that combine a gaseous extinguisher along with non-hazardous water based systems.

Creating a Better Tomorrow

Thanks to the life safety innovations mentioned, the fire and life safety industry has been able to expand while leaving a smaller footprint on the environment. The result is more efficient, user friendly services for customers.


Submitted by: Gerardo Martinez from Reliance Fire Protection (Baltimore, MD)


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