Mass Notification Systems

Mass Notification Systems

Your Solution to Alerting Everyone Quickly

Mass notification systems are becoming a standard for large and small facilities alike.  They quickly disseminate critical alert information quickly to everyone in the facility.  Mass notification systems allow facility managers and security personnel to direct evacuations or shelter-in-place situations using live voice communication, dynamic signage, phone calls, e-mails, or text messages.  These systems can span multi-building campuses via dedicated network or internet connections.  Preprogrammed messages are available for severe weather, oil or chemical spill, security threat, or any number of reasons that would merit a campus wide alert.  When everyone in the immediate area and also surrounding vicinity are notified of an impending threat, they will have the most time possible to get to safety.  Mass notification systems can be vital to your organization for the safety and security for all.

New or Retrofit, There is a Mass Notification System For You

These types of systems can be installed in new construction and also retrofitted into existing facilities should the code for your type of facility ever merit this type of protection or alert system.  The following are frequently as questions regarding mass notification systems.

  1. What type of alarm system should I install? This all depends on what your specific needs are as all of them have their own benefits.  Consider what is the most effective method for communicating an emergency to the occupants of my building.  Systems capable of broadcasting live voice messages are the most effective in directing emergency situations.
  2. How do mass notification systems work? Preprogrammed alerts are setup for situations such as fire, weather, chemical spills, medical emergency, intruder or terrorist situations. These alerts use audible alerts, phone calls, text messages, emails, graphic message boards, and much more to notify the affected parties.  Voice systems broadcast prerecorded and live voice messages over distributed speaker systems.
  3. Why install a mass notification system? For the reasons listed above, there are many benefits to having a mass notification system installed.  One of the most important reasons would be for the peace of mind knowing that no matter what the emergency may be you have a system in place that will quickly and accurately disseminate emergency information to everyone relying upon you for protection.

3S Incorporated is your full-service fire protection company.  We are experts in the design, installation, maintenance, and service of a wide variety of mass notification systems. 3S Incorporated provides complete protection of your critical processes, business assets, and people. We are your resource for fire protection since 1987 with offices in Ohio, Indiana, and Mexico. We have installed systems across the United States, Mexico, and worldwide.  Contact us today for more information.