Safeguarding Properties in Winter: Fire System Inspection and Testing

As the cold embrace of winter sets in, it brings not only the joys of the holiday season but also a set of unique challenges for property owners. With heating systems working overtime, electrical demands surging, and holiday decorations illuminating the surroundings, the risk of fire incidents escalates. During the winter season, it is crucial to ensure that fire systems are properly inspected and serviced to prevent any potential hazards.

Importance of Fire System Inspection and Testing

Preventive fire system inspections and testing are essential for commercial and industrial properties. Engaging fire safety experts ensure that your fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and suppression systems are in working order for the winter months. These professionals posses the expertise to detect any issues that may arise in cold weather and address them before they escalate into major incidents, such as potential areas for pipe freezing. The National Fire Sprinkler Association has written this blog about the importance of winterizing a fire sprinkler system.

There are many benefits to having fire systems checked before winter, such as:

  1. Mitigating Risk: Early detection and resolution of potential fire system issues can significantly minimize disruptions to business operations and potential financial losses.
  2. Ensuring Compliance: Adhering to NFPA regulations and standards is not only a legal requirement, but also demonstrates a commitment to the safety of your employees, customers, and assets.
  3. Maximizing Efficiency: Regular inspections optimize system efficiency, ensuring that they respond effectively when needed most.
  4. Expert Consultation: Fire safety professionals can provide tailored advice on managing fire systems during wintertime that are specific to your property, industry, and operational requirements.

Ellis Fire Provides Fire System Inspections and Services

Ellis Fire provides inspections and testing for your building’s fire systems as you prepare for colder weather. Their service technicians are NICET certified and fully trained to inspect your systems. You can expect a service technician to conduct a thorough inspection of all fire system components, including alarms, sprinklers, suppression systems, and emergency lighting. Examples of services for winter are:

  • Test fire alarms to ensure they are responsive and functioning properly.
  • Check that wet sprinkler pipes are properly heated (not below 40 degrees F) to ensure they won’t freeze and burst.
  • Test for proper level of antifreeze in an antifreeze system.
  • Check the water supply and pressure.
  • Flush a dry system to detect cracks and leakage, and fully drain to ensure there is no remaining water that could freeze.
  • Check the pump room to ensure proper heating (especially important for an exterior pump room).
  • Test emergency and exit lighting to ensure they’re functioning properly.

Overall, the services provided by a fire protection company for winter focus on identifying and addressing fire system issues that may arise due to seasonal factors. These services help property owners maintain a safe and secure environment for occupants and assets, even during the colder months. This fall, make it a priority to get your fire system inspected in time for winter!