What Type of Fire Protection System is Right?

Determining What Type Of Fire Protection System Is Right For You

Choosing what fire protection system is going to be the correct fit for your facility can be a big undertaking.  Not only is cost a factor, knowing what type of system will best protect your assets can be a bit overwhelming.  Every situation has a different set of parameters that can determine what type of system would be the best fit.  Partnering with a NICET certified engineer and designer will ease your worries. A full service fire protection contractor will work one on one with you to determine what type of system would work best for you and your facility.

Every fire can be classified by the way the fire can ignite or materials that can cause a fire. Focusing on Class A, B and C fires here are some different systems that will provide you with the best possible fire protection for your unique needs.

Foam and Water Deluge Systems

Foam and water deluge systems are used in facilities that would have the potential for Class A fires.  Class A fires are ordinary combustible fires.  These fires are when wood, fabric, rubber and other natural combustible materials are on fire.  These would be located in department stores, lumber yards, and any type of facility that would have natural combustible materials.  These types of fires would be safe to use water systems or foam systems where applicable.  NICET certified designers would determine if a foam or water deluge system would be better suited for your assets.

Chemical and CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

Chemical and CO2 fire suppression systems are usually used when a facility has the potential for a Class B or Class C fire.  Class B fires are when flammable liquids and or combustible gases are burning.  Class C fires are when you have a live electrical fire.  These fires cannot be safely extinguished with your standard fire protection systems.  They require a more advanced fire suppression system that will not only extinguish the fire but also protect those that are in the immediate vicinity and those that are called in to fight the fire.  Partner with specialists that are highly trained in determining and installing the specialized fire suppression system that your special hazard facility requires.  Wet and dry chemical, FM-200TM, and CO2 fire suppression systems will meet or exceed the industry standards for your facility.

Western States Fire Protection

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