What Are Gas Detection Systems?

A gas detection system detects the presence of harmful gases inside or outside of a building. These gases may be toxic to humans or they could be combustible and cause a deadly fire. When a gas detection system is interfaced with a control system, it can be used to turn on ventilation systems or shut down systems. Gas detection systems can notify people if action is required, such as evacuating the building. These systems also help maintain the productivity of your business.

Detection for Combustible Gas

Having a system in place that detects combustible gas is important for preventing dangerous fires. A gas that is combustible is any gas that will burn or ignite. Gas detectors that have catalytic or infrared sensors can be used to detect the presence of combustible gas. If a high level of combustible gas is detected by the sensors, equipment may be shut down and the air may need to be ventilated.

Detection for Toxic Gas

A toxic gas is a gas that may be harmful or dangerous for people to breathe in or be exposed to. A toxic gas detector uses electrochemical sensors or metal oxide semiconductors to detect the presence of a toxic gas. Some examples of gases that a toxic gas detector may react to are hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen deficiency, and more. If a sensor detects a high level of a toxic gas, the building may need to be evacuated for the safety of the occupants.

Applications for Gas Detection Systems

Gas detection systems are needed in a variety of applications. Many industrial and manufacturing facilities need gas detection systems to prevent workers from exposure to dangerous gases.

Some places that may need gas detection include:

  • Welding Shops
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Automotive Plants
  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas Applications
  • Chemical Plants

3S Inc Installs Gas Detection Systems

Do you need a gas detection system for your application? 3S Incorporated designs and installs gas detection systems in industrial facilities. We can install gas detection for refrigerants in automotive, propane, diesel, liquid gas, or carbon monoxide applications. 3S has experience with working on even the most challenging industrial projects. If you need a complete life safety system for your project, we have you covered. We can install fire suppression systems and fire alarm systems to protect your building from a fire.

If you are interested in a gas detection system from 3S Incorporated, contact us today.