6 Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most effective forms of fire protection available. They respond quickly to a fire, protecting lives and property, before the fire department arrives on the scene. Do you know the different types of fire sprinklers available? You’ll want to choose the right fire sprinkler system that addresses the needs of your facility.


  1. Wet Pipe Sprinklers – This is the most common type of fire sprinkler system. Wet pipe sprinklers contain water in the fire sprinkler pipes. They are easy to maintain and install. A wet pipe system is a great option for applications that need a basic, simple sprinkler system for fire protection.


  1. Dry Pipe Systems – A dry pipe sprinkler system is similar to a wet pipe system except that the water is not contained within the pipes. The pipes contain pressurized air or nitrogen and the water is held back by a valve until the system is activated. Dry pipe systems work well in environments where the pipes are at risk of freezing.


  1. Pre-action Sprinkler System – A pre-action system is pretty similar to a dry sprinkler system, the difference being that water is held back by an electronically operated valve. When a fire is detected, the valve opens, and each sprinkler head is activated individually. These systems are great in applications where accidental discharge of sprinklers would cause extensive damage.


  1. Deluge Systems – These systems are installed in high hazard areas. In a deluge system, sprinkler heads are open, and water is held back by a valve. When a fire is detected, water is pumped through the system and discharged through the open heads to flood the affected area.


  1. ESFR – Early Suppression Fast Response systems are a great option for warehouses. They can be used in place of in-rack sprinklers provide better protection and to avoid accidental discharge. An ESFR system is a high volume, high velocity system that is located in the ceiling to protect storage areas.


  1. In-Rack Sprinklers – In-rack fire sprinklers are used in warehouses to contain fires to a small area and prevent the entire storage area from being ruined by a fire. These sprinklers are located in close proximity to storage areas.


Beach Lake Installs All Types of Sprinklers

Beach Lake Sprinkler installs many types of fire sprinkler systems. We will work with you to design and install a fire sprinkler system that fits the needs of your facility. We also can provide inspections, testing, and 24-hour service for your fire protection systems. Beach Lake has been providing fire protection service to PA, NY, and FL since 1992. Contact us today to learn more about our systems!