The Benefits of Water Mist Fire Protection

A water mist system utilizes fine droplets of water to extinguish a fire. Water mist fire protection systems were developed to provide an alternative to traditional fire sprinklers in applications where water damage should be minimized.


How Does Water Mist Work?

When a fire is detected, the water mist system will be activated, discharging water through a nozzle that creates very tiny water droplets. By using very small droplets of water, a water mist system is able to control or extinguish a fire. These systems are highly effective because the droplets of water cool the flame, displace the oxygen needed for a fire to burn, and as the droplets heat up they evaporate which also helps to absorb heat.


Benefits of Water Mist Suppression

There are more and more people who are turning to water mist suppression systems because of their many benefits. Some benefits of water mist systems include:

  • Minimized water damage
  • Works on a wide variety of fires and applications
  • Fast activation
  • Non-toxic, safe for humans
  • Less water consumption
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Highly effective


Common Applications

Water mist systems are effective at fighting a wide variety of fires. This makes them an option for a large range of facilities. Many applications that choose to use water mist are looking for an alternative to traditional fire sprinkler systems or CO2 suppression systems. Water mist systems can provide an advantage as they use significantly less water than traditional fire sprinklers causing less water damage and they are safe to use in occupied areas, unlike total flood CO2 systems.


Install a Water Mist System

Interested in a water mist system for your commercial or industrial facility? Davis-Ulmer Fire Protection designs and installs water mist systems for a variety of buildings across the Northeast United States. As a full-service fire protection contractor, we not only install systems but also provide ongoing inspections, repair and service. We also can install fire alarm, detection, and monitoring systems to complete your facility’s fire protection system. If you are interested in learning more about our water mist systems, request a quote today!