CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

A burning fire has three necessary ingredients: oxygen, fuel, and heat. When at least one of the three ingredients are taken away or diminished, a fire is extinguished. A carbon dioxide fire suppression system works by eliminating the oxygen present in the air, so a fire can no longer burn. When a fire is detected, the suppression system will discharge CO2, reducing the oxygen level.

High vs. Low Pressure CO2

There are two types of carbon dioxide fire suppression systems. A high-pressure CO2 system is designed for smaller areas. The carbon dioxide is stored in small pressurized tanks that can simultaneously discharge when a fire occurs. A low-pressure CO2 system works best for large areas. Large refrigerated tanks are used to hold the carbon dioxide.

Benefits of CO2 Suppression

CO2 Suppression systems are highly effective at putting out fires quickly. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be found in the air around us. After discharge, there is minimal clean up required because no residue is left behind. It is a non-corrosive and electrically non-conducive gas, but it should only be used in non-occupied areas. CO2 is a clean agent fire suppressant and has the advantage of being able to extinguish a wide variety of fires.

Areas to Install

If you are considering installing a CO2 fire suppression system, it is important to know if CO2 is the right fit for your facility. This type of fire suppression is often found in automotive, electronics operations, computer production, metal production and processing, power generation, printing, research, and marine facilities. A CO2 fire suppression system is versatile and can fit a wide variety of applications. CO2 suppression is a common form of fire protection used when fire sprinklers will not be effective.

Get Your CO2 System from Rich Fire

Rich Fire Protection designs, installs, and services CO2 Fire Suppression Systems. We help our clients to figure out which suppression or sprinkler system is right for their application, based on the unique risks each client has. Rich Fire Protection also offers 24-hour emergency services. If your fire protection system breaks down, we will be at your building within 4 hours to help with the issue. We were established in 1979 and we continue to provide quality services and systems in New Jersey and the tri-state area.