Environmentally Friendly Fire Protection


It is very important to protect the environment from harm. One way to promote a cleaner environment is through green fire protection that reduces water waste, eliminates the use of ozone depleting agents, and by getting LEED credits for fire protection systems.

Reducing Water Waste

One way that everyone can contribute to a greener environment is by reducing the amount of water you use. This also applies to fire protection systems. Did you know that fire sprinklers use approximately 90% less water on a fire than a fire department hose? This means that sprinklered buildings require less water to put out a fire than buildings with out a sprinkler.

There are other options available for fire protection that use less water than fire sprinkler. Water mist systems use fine water droplets to put out a fire, requiring less water volume to control a fire than a traditional fire sprinkler.  Some fire suppression systems do not require the use of water at all, instead these systems use gaseous agents that do not harm the environment.

Clean Agent Suppression Systems

A clean agent fire suppression system uses a gaseous agent to suppress a fire. Some clean agent systems include:

  • FM 200
  • Novec 1230
  • Inergen

These systems use inert gases that when discharged cause no ozone depletion or damage to the environment. These systems are a great alternative to water-based fire protection systems.

LEED Certifications

Another component to consider when it comes to green fire protection is the construction of the fire protection system. If you are working on a LEED registered project, you may have the opportunity to receive LEED credits for your fire protection system. It is important to choose a fire protection contractor who will work with you to help identify opportunities for LEED credits for fire sprinkler systems.

WSFP is a Leader in Green Fire Protection

Western States Fire Protection understands the importance of building a safer environment. We have been involved in many LEED related fire protection projects ranging from certified to platinum. We have many advantages when it comes to green fire protection because we provide design credits for reduced wastewater, design credits for improved tenant space flexibility, reduced construction waste on the job site, and adherence to stringent guidelines such as the volatile organic compound (VOC) limits.

If you are interested in working with WSFP for environmentally friendly fire protection, contact us today!