FE 13 Fire Suppression System

3S Fire Suppression Systems

There are many types of fire suppression systems available for facilities that all have different ways of suppressing fires.  All of them have different properties and different ways they work but all work to accomplish the same goal.  There are foam-based systems, water-based systems, and gas-based systems among others.  One highly effective type of fire suppression system is the FE 13 fire suppression system.

Clean Agent Fire Protection

FE 13 is a clean agent fire suppression system.  This means that the system will suppress the fire and not leave behind any residue to clean up.  This system is a highly effective system when flooding an entire room with a fire suppressant that has people inside.  When using a CO2 system in comparison, the room must be vacated prior to the system being triggered so no one is harmed by the fire suppressant.

Environmentally Friendly Fire Protection System

This fire protection system can handle a large range of temperature changes so it does not need to be in a temperature-controlled room or facility.  This system is a clean, environmentally friendly, and safe fire protection system that is used in many applications.  It is also electrically non-conductive.

FE 13 Fire Suppression System Applications:

  • Data storage centers
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Areas with highly sensitive assets
  • Facilities that work with flammable liquids
  • Computer rooms

Fire Protection for Enclosed Spaces

Fire protection systems from the past used Halons as their fire suppressant.  These suppressants were eliminated from fire protection systems due to the damage they were doing to the ozone layer and the environment.  FE 13 is one of the clean agent fire suppressants created in its place that is safe to the environment and also safe for people inside the enclosed space.

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