Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System

3S Fire Suppression Systems

Dry chemical fire suppression systems are a type of fire protection system.  There are wet chemical and dry chemical suppression systems.  These types of systems use a Class ABC dry chemical agent for Class A, B, and C fires.  They use a Class BC dry chemical agent for Class B, and C fires.  Class A fires are fires burning wood, paper, textiles, and the like.  Class B fires are fires burning flammable liquids.  Class C fires are fires burning flammable gases.

Highly Effective Fire Protection

Dry chemical fire protection systems are electrically non-conductive so you can use them in a flammable liquid fire with an electrical component involved.  These systems can be used in a total flood application.  This is where the dry chemical completely floods an entire room or area.  This type of system can also be used in a localized manner as well.  For example, the system could suppress the fire on a specific mechanical piece by coating the entire piece with the dry chemical.

Dry Chemical Fire Suppressions System Applications

  • Paint Booths
  • Hazardous Storage Buildings
  • Facilities Working With Flammable Liquids
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Industrial Processing Plants
  • Heavy Equipment Shops

Fire Protection That Works

Certain types of hazards create problems for fire protection.  Water-based fire protection systems can not safely suppress the fire when it a gas or flammable liquid burning.  This would only cause the fire to spread and create more danger. These types of fire call for something other than water which is where a dry chemical system comes in.  These systems can work on Class A, B, and C fires making them very effective for a broad type of fire protection.

3S Incorporated is a full-service fire protection company working in the industrial marketplace since 1987.  We have worked with companies across the United States and also worldwide.  Our NICET certified technicians and designers will work with you from the beginning of your project to the end.  They will help you decide what type of fire protection system is right for you.  Based off the specific hazards you are working with and what you need to protect we can provide the most optimal type of fire protection system available.  Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.  3S incorporated has offices in Ohio, Indiana and Mexico.