Foam Fire Suppression

Water is not the only option for extinguishing a fire. In fact, water may make a fire burn more uncontrollably in some cases. Knowing which form of fire suppression to use on different types of fires or hazards is critical to life safety and property protection. While traditional sprinkler systems may be effective in many applications, certain areas need different fire protection methods. Foam fire suppression systems are an option for fire protection in some areas where water is not an option.

What is Foam Suppression?

The foam used for fire suppression has three components. Foam concentrate, water, and air combine together to create foam. When the suppression system is triggered, it releases a blanket of foam. Fires are extinguished by a combination of cooling and smothering of the flames. The foam also traps flammable vapors that could possibly ignite.

Suitable Applications

Common areas for foam fire suppression are aircraft hangars, flammable liquid storage, warehouses, loading facilities, and more. Foam fire suppression is a great option for any facility that contains a lot of flammable and combustible liquids. Foam is also an effective fire protection method for enclosed areas.

Benefits of Foam

Many benefits can come from a foam fire suppression system. Foam is more effective than fire sprinklers at putting out hotter fires due to its ability to quickly cool a fire. It also is faster at putting out a fire which means less property damage due to fire. In addition, this form of suppression is more effective at preventing the re-ignition of a fire because it suppresses flammable vapors.

Foam Fire Suppression from S&S

At S&S Fire Suppression, we design and install foam fire suppression systems. Our team of experienced technicians will work with you to determine the formulation of foam suppression that is right for you, depending on the type of flammable materials present. S&S provides design, installation, inspections, and services for your foam fire suppression system. Founded in 1961, S&S Fire Suppression Systems, Inc. has the experience and licensing needed to serve New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Western Connecticut.