Special Hazard Fire Protection System

Why Special Hazard Systems?

Fire alarms and sprinkler systems can help fight a fire, but depending on the type of facility, sprinklers may cause additional damage to the property and items that it is there to protect. That is where special hazard fire protection systems come into play. A special hazard can be a building, area, room, or simply equipment that is of exceptionally high value, contains a unique or irreplaceable asset, is a source of revenue, or its function is of higher value than the equipment itself. Special hazards can be everywhere and demand only the most advanced, reliable fire suppression systems.

Examples of locations that may need to utilize special hazard protection include but is not limited to: data centers, telecommunications, museums, laboratory’s, manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities, and power generation.

Special hazard fire protection systems include detection and control coupled with a fire suppression system. These systems activate by smoke or heat detection systems and release suppression agents to extinguish the fire quickly and effectively. Some common fire suppression agents used in these systems include:

• Clean AgentsSpecial Hazard Fire Protection: Foam System
• Inert Gases
• CO2
• Water Mist
• Foam
• Hybrid Systems
• Dry Chemical
• Deluge

Advantage of Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems

The most significant advantage of utilizing a special hazard fire suppression system is that with the advances in technology, these systems have early warning fire detection. These advances can detect smoke or fire quickly, neutralizing the threat, mitigating damage, and protecting personnel. Saving time from unnecessary work-stoppages and reduces costs due to excessive clean-ups.

Fire Suppression Services

Delta Fire personnel have full training in all mechanical aspects of fire suppression systems, with experience in installation and maintenance. Working with most major manufacturers and suppression systems, Delta Fire can recommend the right system to protect the people and equipment at your facility better, while reducing cleanup costs and downtime after an incident. Delta Fire has been providing the Intermountain and Pacific West regions with high-quality fire protection services since 1963. For more information on the fire suppression and fire protection services offered by Delta Fire, give us a call at 800-288-4500 or visit our website!