Gas Turbine Fire Suppression

Fire Protection Systems for Natural Gas Turbines

Protecting a natural gas turbine power plant from a fire takes several different fire suppression and fire and/or heat detection systems.

According to energy.gov, a gas turbine can generate heat higher than 2000 degrees Fahrenheit! With heat that intense, no wonder a plant like this needs specialized systems to suppress a fire should one ignite.

A complete system would include the design and installation of fire suppression systems, mass notification and detection systems for individual applications and across entire facilities.

Typical Fire Systems for Gas Turbine Facilities:

  • Clean Agent Systems. Systems used for high end equipment like control rooms allowing a fast reacting system with limited residue. Less clean up allows you to get back up and running.
  • A CO2 fire suppression system can be used for turbine generators and there is no clean up needed.
  • Water Mist Systems. This system is people safe and will quickly lower temperatures of the fire.
  • Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems. Used to detect fire quickly in electrical / control rooms.
  • Combustible Gas Detection Systems. Installed facility wide to detect gas leaks.
  • Mass Notification Systems: a system to notify everyone within a facility or across a campus of an emergency situation.

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