Power Plant Fire Protection Systems

Power Plant Fire Suppression System

Power Plant Fire Suppression System

An average person probably doesn’t think about what it would take to protect a power plant in the event of a fire, but we do! A power plant has a high risk of fire and has a potential to affect thousands of people if there was a catastrophic fire that shut down a plant  for hours, days or indefinitely.

Early Detection Is Key!

Installing the latest state of the art fire protection systems will provide you with early detection, fast responding systems that will limit down time, the spread of a fire and allow you to react as needed, but get you back up and running quickly. Limited downtime is critical.

A power plant, gas turbines or hydroelectric dams all have a high risk of fire across campus. According to Wikipedia, a power plant is segmented by heat source, source of moving the heat and the duty which would help dictate what type of suppression systems you need installed.

Heat sources of a power plant can be: fossil fuel, nuclear, geothermal, solar, waste heat or bio-mass fuel. The heat can then be moved by steam turbines, gas turbines, combined turbines or micro turbines. The duty of a power plant is based off how it’s energy load is being used. A power plant also has a cooling tower or system in place to help manage the waste heat.

Fire Protection Systems for Power Stations:

  • Mass notification systems to communicate emergency situations within a power station
  • Pre-action systems for cooling towers and conveyor systems of a coal power plant.
  • Linear heat detection for coal power plants.
  • Water mist fire suppression systems for electrical, control rooms and generator protection.

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