Holiday Decorating Fire Safety Awareness

With Christmas less than a week away, there are a few important things to remember when it comes to your holiday decorating.

Burning candles can give off a very nice ambiance but they also can post a very large fire danger.  Candles left unattended can very quickly start a fire.  If possible, place on a non-combustible tray on a stable surface that can not tip over.  Do not leave the candles unattended rather light them while you are using them and blow them out when you are finished with them.  Use them with nothing combustible directly overhead like curtains, cloth, or anything that can quickly start on fire.  

Christmas lights are a staple of holiday decorating.  There are a few important things to remember when using Christmas lights.  The first is that daisy chaining to many light strings together can be a fire danger.  Never put more lights together than the cord can handle.  The maximum connectivity for your standard set of Christmas lights is based on the UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory) maximum connection guideline of 210 watts.  Which means if you take 210 watts and divide it by the number of watts on your string of lights, it will tell you how many strings of that type you can put in one continuous line.  The second is to make sure you are using the proper bulbs in whatever situations you are putting them in.  If you are using bulbs outside around the exterior of your home, then it is best to use exterior light bulbs that are built for outdoor use.  Christmas lights that can be used outdoors will have the UL listed tag in red, or silver with red writing.  If you use indoor lights outside, they will not be protected from moisture and could short which in turn could start a fire.  When in doubt, do not use them outdoors.

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