Protecting Pickling Lines in a Fire

Immediate Activation of Fire Protection Systems for Pickling Lines of Steel Manufacturing
Every aspect of a manufacturing process has a chance of igniting a fire, with some processes having a higher risk than others. A pickling line, used to descale or clean steel, has a higher chance to start a fire due to the acid tank and the plastic construction of the exhaust ductwork.

Types of Systems
A fire protection system that includes heat detection, flame detection, and suppression systems would be the most comprehensive system for a pickling line. Each pickling line is unique to your manufacturing processes and would require a custom designed fire suppression system. A fire suppressions system is designed to protect both the inside and the outside of the acid tanks.

What a Fire Suppression System Can Do For You
The goal of a fire suppression system is to minimize the fire hazard, potential damage and downtime in case of an emergency. A fast responding system with little water will suppress a fire, but also have limited residue allowing you to get your systems back up and running.
A fire suppression system for a pickling line should include optical flame and heat detection to detect a fire and activate the suppression system. A water mist suppression system is fast responding and uses very little water minimizing containment requirements and the potential water weight in ductwork.

Benefits of Having A Fire Suppression System

A line down means less output for you, installing state of the art suppression systems will keep your downtime to a minimum. Partner with 3S Incorporated an innovator in the marketplace for special hazard fire protection. We design and install Vortex water mist systems for pickling lines and different processes of steel manufacturing. 3S can provide you with all of your fire suppression needs for your entire facility. We have over 30 years of experience in the industrial marketplace, serving customers worldwide.

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