Home Alarm Systems

home fire alarm systemWhat kind of home fire protection do you have for your family, housemates, or yourself? A fire can occur when you are least expecting it or when you are fast asleep. That is why it is essential to have home alarm systems to keep watch at all times. Home fire alarms monitor your home 24/7 to keep you informed in case of an emergency. These systems are your first line of defense against fire and can save your life.

What are the Purposes of Fire Alarm Systems?

There are four basic purposes of your fire alarm systems that work to protect your home and its occupants. These purposes include:

  1. Detection– Fire alarms are designed to detect signs of fire such as heat and smoke. The system works to detect these harmful signs around the clock so that even when you are not present, your home is still being monitored. A lot of alarms also have a manual pull or button to activate if a fire is seen before detected.
  1. Alert Occupants– After a fire is detected, the alarm will activate features such as light or sound blasts to alert the occupants of danger. These alarms are typically audible, visual, or both. Sound alarms go out at high volumes and light alarms are typically very bright and hard to miss so that everyone in the house can be alerted.
  1. Manage Risk– Once the fire is detected and alerts are put out, some fire alarm systems can help manage risk or the spread of the fire. These actions may include activating fire suppression systems, shutting off ventilation, or closing automatic doors.
  1. Alert Authorities– A fourth line of measure that some alarms are capable of is; notifying the closest fire department. This allows occupants to worry about getting themselves out of the house, while the system notifies the appropriate personnel. This saves valuable time by allowing the fire department to be in route as quickly as possible.

What Do You Need to Know About Fire Alarm Systems?

A system that is capable of saving your life and your assets is one you should be informed about. With residential fire alarm systems, it is good to know how they are installed and maintained.

  • Installation: It is important that the fire alarms you install are from a trusted fire protection company and installed by experienced technicians. The installation process is crucial to the effectiveness of your fire alarms and their ability to protect you. You should have a fire alarm located in every bedroom, and outside every sleeping area, as well as on each level of your house. It is best to have your alarms interconnected so that if one device detects a fire, all alarms will sound. Select a trusted team of technicians that will ensure your alarms are installed up to code and follow the appropriate layouts.
  • Maintenance: Once fire alarms are installed, they can operate independently as long as they are maintained. For home fire alarms it is important that they are not covered by decor, furniture, or even paint. Smoke alarms should be tested by the homeowner at least once a month and inspected periodically. The maintenance of your smoke alarm should be found and followed from your systems device manual.

Home Alarm Systems by Delta Fire Systems

Now that you know the purposes and overview of fire alarm systems, it is time to choose your trusted fire protection team to help find your best fit system. Delta Fire Systems has a team of certified professional technicians that can design, install, and inspect your home fire alarm systems. Delta will keep your installations up to code and offer regular inspections to monitor the effectiveness of your fire systems. Contact Delta Fire today to learn more about their protection systems and to establish fire protection in your home.