Siemens Fire Alarm Systems and Products

It is important that every building has a fire alarm system that is reliable and efficient in detecting a fire. The sooner a fire is detected, the safer a building’s occupants will be and the faster the fire can get put out. Siemens fire alarm systems and products are designed to give you the reliable detection and response needed for your building’s emergencies. Siemens not only offers standard fire alarms and notification devices that are cost efficient, but also alarms with ASA technology and ISO technology systems.

What exactly is ASA Technology?

Advanced Signal Analysis Technology or ASA technology is used in many of Siemens’ detectors to eliminate false alarms. The ASA technology detectors are intelligent in detecting smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide in its surrounding area without putting out false alarms. These detectors allow you to confidently know when you are in danger. The ASA technology works to quickly alert you about emergencies so that you can evacuate the building as soon as possible and first responders can be alerted.

What is ISO technology?

You should know that if you have a non-isolated fire system you may be at risk of your entire system shutting down from a short circuit. This will make all of your alarms lose their purpose in time of emergency. Isolation technology or ISO technology is used by Siemens to enhance the protection and survivability of your fire alarms. With ISO technology, a short in one circuit zone does not affect other zones. Siemens is the first and only manufacturer that provides built in isolation technology on all major fire devices without an extra fee.

What Notification Devices does Siemens Offer?

What good is detecting a fire if occupants are not alerted of the danger in an effective way? Siemens offers both visual and audible devices that use sounds, lights, and voice messaging to alert occupants of emergencies. With a variety of notification devices, you can find the best fit for your building and its occupants. From indoor to outdoor; strobes of high to low intensity; noises from bells to speakers; and even waterproof to vandal-resistant models, they have it all. Their options for LED notification appliances are cost efficient and are a good fit for any facility. Whatever notification device you decide is best for you will help your occupants be informed and safely take action when danger may be present.

Siemens Product Distributor: Ellis Fire

It is important to know that your fire alarms and devices are provided by a trustworthy manufacturer like Siemens. That is why Ellis Fire Suppression proudly distributes Siemens fire alarms and products to their customers. Ellis Fire can help you to choose the best fire alarm and system design for your building. Working with a major fire alarm manufacturer like Siemens, Ellis Fire can ensure that your alarms are up to code and fit your specific needs. Get a quote from Ellis Fire to begin updates and installation to your fire systems.