Inspecting & Servicing Your Clean Agent System

If you have a clean agent fire suppression system installed in your facility, you’ve taken a great first step towards protecting lives from a fire. However, simply installing a system and doing nothing more is not enough. If you want to fully protect your property and the people in it, you must regularly inspect, test, and service your clean agent system.

Clean Agent System Inspections

Clean agent fire suppression systems must be installed, inspected, and serviced in accordance with NFPA 2001, the Standard for Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems. It is very important that you have your suppression system inspected as often as required by the NFPA standard and local fire code. During the inspection process, cylinder pressure is verified, cylinders are weighed, and the functionality of the system is checked through visual inspections and testing.

Often, a clean agent system is installed to protect either valuable assets or prevent disastrous fires due to hazardous materials. In these situations, you will want to make sure your clean agent system is working as it should be. When your system is not inspected regularly, it may not be able to prevent a fire from spreading or protect your irreplaceable assets.

Fire Suppression Services

After your system is inspected, services may need to be performed to restore your fire suppression system to working condition. Your fire protection contractor should give you an inspection report that includes any issues that are found. If broken components are discovered during an inspection, replacement parts or repairs to the system may be needed. Occasionally, batteries may need to be replaced. Your clean agent system should also be tested regularly, and clean agents may need to be refilled.

3S Inspects Clean Agent Systems

If you have a clean agent fire suppression system that needs servicing, 3S Inc. can help you out. We have a team of technicians who are highly qualified to inspect your system. We perform work in a wide range of facilities including power generation plants, steel manufacturing facilities, automotive facilities, data centers, aircraft hangars, and more. Our 3 office locations in Indiana, Ohio, and Mexico allow us to serve businesses across the United States and worldwide. Contact 3S Incorporated for all of your fire protection needs.