Large Mobile Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems


Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression System

Did you know that equipment such as large dump trucks in the mines and buses for public transportation can have the same fire protection offered to them as your home or place of business?  With today’s fire protection technology available, having the fire protection they need to both protect the occupants inside and the equipment itself is one of the most important things you can invest in for safety as a business owner or manager of large mobile equipment.  Fire protection equipment today is not limited to stationary objects with access to the electrical grid and water.  You can have standalone fire protection equipment that can be installed for vehicles of all kinds to offer the best safety possible for the occupants inside and also save a lot of money from limiting the damages cause by a fire.

Fire Protection for Vehicles

There could be a variety of reasons a fire starts in a vehicle.  In a coal mine, a spark may start coal dust on fire.  Wires could short near or on a battery that could cause them to start on fire.  There are many different types of hazards that could cause a fire to start.  That is why the technology was developed so that you can have a fire suppression system installed to protect them.  Having a quick detection system is an important part of any vehicle fire suppression system.  Since it is a mobile vehicle with more than likely an occupant inside, having a quick detection system can be crucial.

Different Types of Fire Suppression Systems for Vehicles

Depending on what type of system you have installed, it may have a pre-action valve that would need to be triggered to fill the piping of the suppression system or it may be a wet system where the pipes are filled with the suppressant.  This system will be determined based on a variety of factors including temperature, type of flammable material you are protecting against, and whether there are occupants inside the vehicle as well.  This will also determine what type of suppressant is installed as well.  Your suppression system that you have installed may have a suppressant that consists of dry chemical, foam, clean agent, and or water to name a few.

Talk to a fire protection system company as they would be able to help you get the fire protection you need for your mobile vehicle.  Check out this product for more information.