Kitchen Hood Suppression Inspections

Just like any other fire suppression system, kitchen hoods need to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly in case of a fire. If you have a commercial kitchen, you will want to make sure that your suppression system is ready to go to prevent a devastating fire in your building.

Why Do I Need an Inspection?

Preventing kitchen fires is something that needs to be prioritized in a commercial kitchen and one way to do that is through regular inspections, testing and service of your hood. Regular inspections of your system will:

  • Ensure the suppression system is ready to go in case of a fire
  • Prevent unwanted discharge
  • Give you peace of mind that your kitchen is protected
  • Ensure compliance with fire code and insurance requirements
  • Prevent fines due to noncompliance with code

Semi-Annual Inspections

The NFPA requires that kitchen hood suppression systems are inspected every 6 months by a certified professional. Some things performed during a typical kitchen hood inspection include:

  • Inspect nozzle and conduit locations
  • Ensure piping is tight and secure
  • Clean nozzles
  • Check pressurized cylinder gauges and hydrostatic test dates
  • Test the manual pull station
  • Cut a terminal test link to ensure a functional automatic actuation cycle
  • Check for the cutoff of electricity and gas when the system activates
  • Replace any components needed such as center link housings, system cartridges, and fusible links
  • Functionality of electrical interlocks
  • Record and report deficiencies found during the inspection

After the semi-annual inspection is performed by a professional, documentation should be provided to ensure that your system is compliant. This includes tagging, notes of any repairs and an inspection report.

Monthly Inspections

While semi-annual inspections should be performed by trained professionals only, the building owner is responsible for monthly visual inspections of the system. These inspections include a visual check of nozzles, gauges, and tamper indicator. The building owner should also look for grease build-up in the hood or duct and make sure that the pull station is not blocked.

SSU Provides Semi-Annual Kitchen Hood Inspections

At Safety Supplies Unlimited, we have trained and certified technicians who can provide semi-annual inspections and service for your kitchen hood fire suppression systems. We will provide any necessary replacement parts and provide tagging and required documentation. In addition to inspection, testing and service of your kitchen hood, SSU can also provide installations for kitchen hoods and fire extinguisher sales and service. Contact us!