Passive vs. Active Fire Protection

Making sure your building is protected from a fire is important for both life safety and to prevent damage to your property. Both passive and active forms of fire protection are necessary to prevent a fire in your building. Passive and active fire protection should work together to prevent the spread of a fire or completely put it out.

Active Fire Protection

Active fire protection systems work to actively put out a fire. These systems include fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and fire suppression systems. Active fire protection may be an automatic system like fire sprinklers or it can be manually operated like fire extinguishers. These systems are triggered by a fire and provide a response that attempts to suppress the fire until the fire department arrives. Having active fire protection will help to fight a fire and reduce the damage that a fire causes.

Passive Fire Protection

While active fire protection systems are activated by a fire, passive fire protection systems work to prevent the fire from starting in the first place. Active fire protection systems use fire resistance measures to prevent a flame from igniting and spreading. Active systems also help building occupants to evacuate safely when a fire occurs. Forms of active fire protection include fire doors, fire walls, emergency exit lights, and dampers.

Total Fire Protection System

In order to have your building protected as best as possible you need both active and passive fire protection systems that can work together to prevent a fire from spreading and put it out completely. When you are building a new facility, you may want to consider using fire resistant materials for the walls, doors, and floors. You also should have an active fire protection system, such as fire sprinklers, installed in the building. If you are unsure of which systems your facility needs, you should hire the help of a professional fire protection contractor.

3S Inc Installs Active Systems

Do you need an active fire protection system for your facility? 3S Incorporated designs and installs fire protection systems. We can install a wide variety of fire suppression systems including FM200, Inergen, CO2, watermist, and foam systems. 3S Inc. is a full-service fire protection contractor that can provide you with all the services you need from the initial design and installation to inspections and testing. We can service customers across the United States, Mexico, and worldwide.  If you are interested in learning more about our fire protection systems, contact us today.