Fire Protection Using Foam

Chemguard Foam Fire Suppressants

If you are using foam fire suppressants in your fire protection system, chances are you are using a product made by Chemguard.  They are a leading company in the distribution of foam for fire protection in the world.  They have over 20 UL listed and FM approved foam concentrates on the market today.  Foam is an effective fire protectant for challenging fire hazards in industries such as the military, airports, petrochemical plants, and power plants.  There are many different types of foam fire suppressant products available from high expansion to Class A foams to name a few.

High Expansion Foam

As stated above, there are several types of foam and they all have their different uses.  High expansion foam is one of the types of foam used in the market today.  Facilities would choose this type of foam if they need a large volume fire protectant that can fill a space in a hurry.  Facilities such as airport hangars have large open spaces that may need to be protected in a hurry so having a fire protectant that can fill that space rapidly becomes important.  This type of foam is used often in the event of Class A fires and also flammable liquid fires.  Normally running at a concentration of 2%, Chemguard has a high expansion foam that can be used in a variety of applications.  They also have a medium and low expansion foam as well that can be used depending on the specific hazard that is being protected.

Class A Foam Concentrates

Class A foam concentrates by Chemguard are used in many different firefighting applications.  They mix the foam with water which will help suppress Class A fires.  Class A fires are fires that deal with solid materials such as wood, paper, and or textiles.  Their Class A foam concentrate also has specific properties that when combined with water allow it to cling better to surfaces which minimizes runoff and reduces the amount of water needed to extinguish the fire.  This makes it a more environmentally friendly foam concentrate then some of the other products on the market.

Leaders in Fire Protection

Chemguard has many other products available as well such as fire protection equipment, foam systems, and dry chemical agents to name a few.  Started in 1984, they have designed products that will help your facility protect the people inside, the equipment, and building itself.  Ask your local fire protection agent about using Chemguard when installing or retrofitting a fire protection system into your facility.