Water Mist and Deluge Systems: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the differences between fire protection systems can be difficult. Water mist and deluge systems both are popular choices for fire protection in a wide variety of facilities. Depending on your application, choosing one system over another may be beneficial.

What is Water Mist System?

A water mist system uses fine water droplets to extinguish a fire. These systems are highly effective because the tiny droplets of water can cool the flame, displace the oxygen needed for a fire to burn, and as the droplets heat up, they evaporate which also helps to absorb heat. Water mist systems typically use less water than a traditional water mist system and a lot less water than a deluge system.

What is a Deluge System?

A deluge system is a type of sprinkler system that is used in high hazard environments. In a deluge system, all the sprinkler heads are open. When a fire is detected, water flows through all the sprinkler heads to flood the affected area. The piping in a deluge system is empty when not active. The water being is held back by a deluge valve until the system is activated. Deluge systems are designed to smother fires quickly.

Factors to Think About When Choosing

  1. Water Supply

A deluge fire protection system requires much more water than a water mist system. If water supply is an issue in your application, you may want to consider a water mist system over a deluge system.

  1. Water Damage

Deluge system can cause water damage to valuable equipment or assets due to the flooding that occurs when it activates. Water mist systems cause minimal water damage as they use very fine water droplets to control a fire.

  1. Fire Hazards Present

If you have an application that is considered high hazard, you may want to consider a deluge system. Deluge systems can be more effective and extinguishing and reducing fires because of the amount of water used. They also help prevent reignition of a fire when surfaces have been wetted.

  1. Cost

Water mist systems can be more expensive than deluge systems because they require a high-pressure pump and other special equipment to create the mist. This equipment can be more costly than a deluge system. However, a deluge system can be more expensive than a water mist system when water containment and treatment is needed.

Consult a Fire Protection Expert

If you are looking for a fire protection system for your application, you should consult a fire protection expert. 3S Incorporated is a fire protection company that specializes in industrial fire protection. We can design, install and service both deluge and water mist fire protection systems. The team of experts at 3S Incorporate can help you determine which fire protection system will be the most effective for your application. Request a quote today!