Water Mist Suppression System Manufacturers

Water mist fire suppressions systems are an innovative form of fire suppression that uses very fine water droplets to control or suppress a fire. The smaller water droplets in water mist systems allow for better heat absorption and less water used. These types of systems work well in areas where water damage needs to be avoided. Water mist fire suppression is a newer form of fire suppression. There are several different brands that manufacture water mist systems.

Tyco AquaMist

The Tyco AquaMist fire protection solutions are a line highly effective water mist products. AquaMist systems provide cooling and fire control for Class A fires. On Class B and F fires, AquaMist systems can provide complete extinguishment of fires and prevention of re-ignition. Tyco’s water mist solutions can offer up to 5 times reduction in the water required compared to fire sprinkler systems. These systems feature unique nozzles, have been tested by an independent third party, and have comprehensive industry approvals. There are three types of Tyco AquaMist systems: AquaMist ULF, AquaMist Fog and AquaMist Sonic.

Fike Micromist®

The Fike Micromist® water mist fire suppression systems utilize a fine mist to extinguish Class A and Class B fires with up to 100 times less water than traditional fire sprinkler systems. Fike Micromist® is a self-contained, single-fluid, pre-engineered, pre-assembled, tested, and packaged fire suppression system for portability, reliability, and easy installation. This system is offered in two convenient cylinder size configurations and works well for machinery spaces, compartmentalized gas turbine generators and much more.

Victaulic Vortex

The Victaulic Vortex™ hybrid fire extinguishing system is a dual-agent system that utilizes both fine water droplets and nitrogen discharged through a single emitter to suppress fires. This system offers an advantage over traditional water mist systems because there is nearly zero wetting, is safe for electronic equipment and sensitive materials. Victaulic Vortex™ systems suppress fires through heat absorption and oxygen deprivation.

Marioff HI-FOG®

Marioff has been one of the leaders in water mist fire suppression systems. Marioff HI-FOG® water mist systems utilize high water pressure and specialized sprinklers to suppress fires in a wide variety of applications. These systems can be utilized for Class A, B, C, D & K fires and work well for a wide variety of industries, including marine applications. Marioff HI-FOG® systems are third party tested and type approved. There are a variety of types of systems offered including wet pipe, deluge, dry pipe and pre-action solutions.

Choose a Water Mist Fire Suppression System

With many brands and types of water mist systems available, it can be difficult to know which system is right for your application. It is important to consult with a fire protection contractor to help determine which system is the best for you. 3S Incorporated is an industrial fire protection company that provides design, installation, inspection, service, and repair for water mist fire suppression systems. We work with a variety of manufacturers including Fike, Marioff, Victaulic and Tyco. Our team has the experience and expertise needed to serve a wide range of challenging applications. To learn more about our services, contact us today.