What is Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Fire alarm systems are an important part of any building’s life safety and fire protection. Fire alarm systems alert people inside your building of issues with your fire protection systems. In the event of a fire, it will alert the occupants so that they have time to safely escape. Fire alarm monitoring takes your alarm system a step further by alerting the proper authorities of a fire or emergency 24 hours a day, 7-days a week.

How Does a Fire Alarm Monitoring System Work?


In a monitored fire alarm system, a monitoring device is installed and connected to your fire alarm system. When the alarm is activated, a signal is sent to the central monitoring station. Central monitoring stations are staffed with highly trained operators that will receive the signal and contact the appropriate authorities such as the fire department.

Fire Alarm System vs. Fire Alarm Monitoring

What is the difference is between monitored and unmonitored fire alarms? An unmonitored fire alarm system alerts building occupants of a fire so they can safely exit the building. With an unmonitored alarm system, it is the responsibility of people in the building to call 911 so that the fire department is dispatched. Fire alarm monitoring takes your alarm system to the next level by immediately sending a signal to the central station. The central station will notify your selected contacts and the authorities so that the fire department can respond without anyone in the building having to remember how to react and call the authorities. If there is an issue with one of the connected life safety or fire protection systems, fire alarm monitoring will provide signals to the central station. This notifies your selected contacts of the issue.

Benefits of Monitored Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm monitoring systems provide 24-hour protection for your building and offer many benefits including:

  • Reduce the time it takes for emergency personnel to respond.
  • A faster response to a fire can improve life safety and lessen the damage caused to property.
  • Emergencies will be addressed no matter the time of day, even when your building is unoccupied.
  • Allows building occupants to focus on safely escaping the building with no need to worry about calling the authorities.
  • Notification of issues with your connected life safety and fire protection systems 24 hours a day.

Delta Fire Systems Provides Fire Alarm Monitoring

At Delta Fire Systems, we provide fire alarm monitoring services in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. Get around-the-clock protection from fires for your commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings and their occupants with an alarm monitoring system. Our CSAA Five Diamond certified UL listed (CRZM & UUFX) fire and security alarm supervising station has complete redundancy and is fully staffed. You can have peace of mind that your building has the protection it needs. To learn more about our alarm monitoring services, contact us today.