When Should I Use an ANSUL Fire Suppression System?

ANSUL is brand of premium special hazard fire protection products owned by Tyco. Products from ANSUL are designed and manufactured to strict standards. If you need a special hazard fire protection system, you may want to consider an ANSUL system. There are a few different kinds of systems made by ANSUL and the system you choose depends on your type of application.

Some types of ANSUL systems include:

1. SAPPHIRE systems

    • How it works – The SAPPHIRE system from ANSUL is a clean agent system that quickly suppresses fires and protects sensitive equipment without harming the environment or people. The system uses 3M Novec 1230 fire protection fluid. This agent is clear, colorless and environmentally friendly.
    • When to use – SAPPHIRE systems are used in data centers, telecommunications facilities, electronic areas with sensitive equipment and military applications.

2. FM-200 systems

    • How it works – The ANSUL FM-200 system is clean agent fire suppressant. This system is safe to use in occupied areas, colorless, odorless and leaves no residue behind. FM-200 uses HFC-227ea to extinguish a fire. It is environmentally friendly and is electrically non conducive.
    • When to use – FM-200 systems do not harm electrical equipment, making them a good option for data centers, telecommunication facilities and military applications.

 3. INERGEN systems

    • How it works – ANSUL INERGEN systems use naturally occurring inert gas agents to suppress a fire. The INERGEN system from ANSUL is safe to use in occupied areas, protects valuable assets and does not produce a fog when discharged so it will not block exit route visibility.
    • When to use – This system is used in data centers, power generation facilities and petrochemical and gas applications.

3S Incorporated Installs ANSUL Systems

3S Incorporated installs and services ANSUL fire suppression systems in industrial facilities. We can work with you to determine which system is right for your application. After installation, we provide ongoing inspections and repairs when needed. Contact us to day to learn more about installing an ANSUL system with 3S.