Clean Agent Fire Protection Systems

Fireflex Clean Agent Fire Protection System

Not all fire protection systems leave a mess that needs to be cleaned up after they are activated and dispersed.  Water and foam can leave a mess and also cause damage to sensitive materials if in the immediate vicinity.  That is the reason that clean agent fire protection systems were developed to eliminate the cleanup and also eliminate damage that could be caused by either water or foam to artwork or computer equipment to name a few.  Clean agent fire protection systems leave behind no residue and are safe for occupants inside the space.  Fireflex Systems Incorporated are one the leaders in clean agent fire protection systems in the marketplace today.



Fire Protection for Sensitive Materials

Clean agent systems are ideal for industries that are trying to protect sensitive materials such as data storage, telecommunications centers, art galleries, museums, medical treatment centers, and many more.  These facilities can not have water or foam being dispersed into an area and destroy the precise thing they are trying to protect along with the occupants inside the building.  Water and foam would protect the people but not the sensitive materials.  Fireflex systems use a clean agent developed by 3M Inc. called NovecTM 1230 Fire Protection Fluid.  Not only is this a clean agent fire suppressant, it also offers zero ozone depletion and a global warming potential of less than 1.  NovecTM 1230 fire protection fluid also offers an optimal safety margin when being used in a space occupied by people.  It extinguishes the fire faster than other available products, uses less water, and also helps protect electrical equipment such as computers or data storage units from being damaged.  It can be used in large or small enclosed spaces.

Dual Fire Protection Systems

Fireflex Systems also offer a combined system that has both the sprinkled system and clean agent system as well.  This system not only offers protection for the sensitive objects inside, but also the protection for the building and occupants throughout the building as well.  They are designed with a Viking pre-action fire sprinkler system that will help against accidental water dispersal requiring two steps for the system to be activated.  These systems have pressurized air or nitrogen inside so they can be used in a variety of climates as well.

Fire Protection Systems Designed for Your Needs          

Fire protection systems should be designed to give you the maximum fire protection possible while protecting the occupants inside, the assets you work with, and the building itself.  Fireflex Systems Inc. offer many different types of fire protection systems that should work for your application.  Talk to your local fire protection company about installing a fire protection system today as protecting your employees, residents, assets, and facility are worth it.