Firetrace Fire Suppression Systems

3S Fire Suppression Systems

Fire protection equipment technology has continued to improve since the first fire sprinkler system was patented in 1872 by Philip W. Pratt.  Firetrace is a fire detection and fire suppression system manufacturer that has continued to invest and improve the design of their equipment.  Firetrace fire suppression systems are designed for small enclosures.  CNC machines, grinders, equipment enclosures, and small test chambers are examples of excellent applications for Firetrace.  Firetrace systems are designed in a very unique fashion.  They are thought of as automatic fire extinguishers because they do not need electrical power and are self-contained.  They however can be used with a variety of suppressants like foam, CO2 and clean agents.  All Firetrace systems are built with the same patented red tubing that is used for both detection and suppressing in some systems.  How the tubing is used is different depending on the type of protection needed from the Firetrace system that you have installed.

Two Main Types of Firetrace Systems

A Firetrace fire protection system can be installed in several different methods depending on how it is intended to be used.  A direct release system is one of the more common types of designs used.  In this type of system, the red tubing acts to both detection the fire and deliver the fire suppression agent to the fire.  The tubing will be installed throughout an enclosed area.  When heat gets over a certain temperature, the tubing will rupture in a small area and the suppressant from cylinders attached to the red tubing will emit the suppressant to extinguish the fire.  This type of system is typically used in small enclosed areas or equipment for quick fire suppression.  This acts as an automatic fire extinguisher.  When a fire is sensed, it acts quickly on the source of the fire as the area is small and the fire very localized.

The indirect release system is the most common type of Firetrace fire protection system installed.  The red tubing in this type of system acts as the fire detection system which release the fire suppressant to discharge through a separate dedicated piping network.  Once the heat hits the tube and it ruptures, the tubing system will drop in pressure which is the signal for the system to activate.  An indirect release system will give you more fire protection coverage with a larger piping system.

3S Inc Installs Firetrace Fire Protection Systems

3S Incorporated is a full-service fire protection company that has been installing fire protection systems that protect companies across the United States and worldwide.  We have worked with companies in the industrial marketplace since 1987.  Firetrace is one of the types of systems we install.  Our NICET certified fire protection consultants will work with you to design, install, maintain, and service a fire protection system that is specifically designed for your needs.  Our 24/7 emergency response team is always ready to assist you should the need arise for immediate action.  We would love to install a Firetrace fire protection system into your facility today.  Contact us for more info.