Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems

According to the NFPA, from 2010 to 2014, there was an estimated average of 7,410 structure fires in eating and drinking establishments. Cooking equipment caused 61% of fires and cooking materials were the first item ignited in 43% of fires in eating and drinking establishments.

Commercial kitchens have many fire hazards including ovens, broilers, fryers, ranges, fats, cooking oils are more. It is extremely important for commercial kitchens to have fire suppression hoods to prevent kitchen fires. Some typical areas where hood suppression systems are used include restaurants, commercial kitchens, cafeterias, and schools.

How Do Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems Work?

When a fire occurs in a commercial kitchen, the fire suppression system will detect the fire and trigger the release wet chemical extinguishing agents that will smother the fire. The hood will also cut off the gas or energy supply to the appliance to help stop the fire. In a kitchen, water is not usually an effective way to put out a fire due to the fact that grease fires typically spread when water is added. NFPA 96 requires commercial kitchens to have kitchen hood suppression systems that are equipped to handle grease fires.

Hood Inspections, Testing and Service

Kitchen hood suppression systems need to be regularly tested, inspected, and serviced to ensure compliance and effectiveness. Hoods should be inspected monthly and semi-annually. Semi-annual inspections need to be performed by a trained professional. NFPA 17 requires that hood suppression systems are inspected every 6 months. Monthly inspections of your hood suppression system should be performed by the building owner or manager. In addition, kitchen hood systems should be cleaned frequently – weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly.

Delta Fire Installs, Inspects and Services Kitchen Hoods

At Delta Fire Systems, we install, inspect and service kitchen hood suppression systems for restaurants, commercial kitchens and cafeterias in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. We can service and inspect kitchen hood systems from any manufacturers. We install kitchen hood systems from many manufacturers including Buckeye, Kidde, Captive Aire, Pyro Chem and Ansul. Delta Fire can provide portable fire extinguishers for your commercial kitchen. If you are interested in kitchen hood services from Delta Fire Systems, contact us today.