Early Suppression Fast Response Systems

ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) sprinkler systems are a form of fire protection that reacts quickly and suppresses fires by discharging a high volume of water onto the fire. ESFR systems are typically used in warehouses with high piled storage and are often used in place of in-rack sprinkler systems.

warehouse fire protection

Benefits of ESFR Systems

  1. ESFR systems respond to fires faster than conventional sprinkler systems.
  2. Conventional sprinkler systems have an output rate of 25-30 gallons per minute while the output rate of ESFR systems is around 100 gallons per minute, releasing a high volume of water onto the fire.
  3. ESFR systems use larger water droplets than conventional sprinkler systems, making them faster at suppressing fires.
  4. Early Suppression Fast Response systems can be used in warehouses with ceilings as high as 45 feet.
  5. These systems are less likely to have accidental discharges than in-rack sprinkler systems which could leak if pipes are accidentally struck by material handling equipment.
  6. Conventional sprinkler systems are designed to control fires. ESFR systems are designed to suppress a fire at the point of its origin.
  7. ESFR systems provide protection for high piled storage including palletized, solid pile, shelf, bin box and rack storage.
  8. Installing an Early Suppression Fast Response system is less costly than in-rack sprinkler systems.

When deciding whether an ESFR system is the right choice for your facility, it is important to consult with a fire protection contractor and take in consideration the types of products being stored, storage arrangement and height and type of building. ESFR systems require a large water supply which means a fire pump is typically required for this type of system.

Install an ESFR System

Are you interested in installing an Early Suppression Fast Response sprinkler system in your warehouse? Rich Fire Protection designs, installs and services ESFR systems. We are a full-service fire protection contractor serving the tri-state area. Whether you need an ESFR system, conventional sprinkler system or clean agent suppression system, Rich Fire Protection can help. Contact us today to learn more.