Fire Safety in High Rise Buildings

Fire Safety in High Rise Buildings

It is very important to be aware of fire safety when you live or work in a high-rise building. High rises pose a danger to building occupants during a fire because they can be more difficult to safely evacuate. Being aware of fire safety can help you be prepared for a fire and help you to make the best decisions if a fire does occur.

Fire safety steps to prepare for a fire:

  1. If you are moving into a high-rise residential building, make sure you choose a building that is fully sprinklered for the highest level of protection.
  2. Ask about fire safety features such as fire alarms, voice communication, and evacuation plans for your building.
  3. Make sure to know the locations of all exit stairs on your floor in the event that the stairs closest to you are compromised.
  4. Check that all exit doors and stairwell doors are clearly marked and not blocked.
  5. Learn the location of the pull station alarms in your building.
  6. If you notice that a fire safety device is damaged or broken, report it to management right away.

How to stay safe during a fire:

  1. If you notice a fire, exit the building quickly and pull the fire alarm on your way out to notify building occupants of the fire.
  2. When the fire alarm sounds, first feel the door with the back of your hand. If the door is warm do not open it.
    • If you can’t safely exit the room you are in due to fire, smoke or disability, stuff cracks around door and vents with wet towels or clothing.
    • Call the fire department and tell them your precise location.
    • Open the window slightly and wave a bright cloth to signal for help. If this makes smoke worse, close the window.
  3. If the door is cool to the touch, stay low to the ground and open the door slightly to check for smoke or fire. If the path is clear, exit the building using the fastest evacuation route.
  4. Do not use the elevator on your way out of the building.
  5. If you are escaping through smoke, get low and go under the smoke on your way out.
  6. Listen to instructions from the fire department or voice command system if there is any.
  7. Go outside to the designated meeting place and call the fire department.

W&M Installs High-Rise Sprinkler Systems

If you own a high rise building that needs a fire sprinkler system, W&M Fire Protection can help. Installing sprinkler systems is one of the most important ways to protect building occupants from a fire. We design and install fire sprinkler systems in the New York City metro area. We also can inspect, test and repair your fire sprinkler and alarm systems so you can be sure they will work when you need them. Contact us today to learn more.