Workplace Fire Safety

Fire Safety in the Workplace

A fire in the workplace can be devastating to both the property owner and the people who work there. When workplaces are destroyed by fire it can cause people office to lose their jobs and the business owner could lose their business. According to the USFA, there are 17,000 office and store fires every year in the United States that caused over $800 million in direct property damage.

Steps Employees Should Take to Prevent Workplace Fires

  • Keep anything that can burn away from electrical equipment
  • Remove any obstacles from exits
  • Ensure windows can by opened and screens can be removed
  • Check for damaged or overloaded electrical outlets, cords and cables.
  • Never leave portable heating devices unattended
  • Plan and practice multiple escape routes in case one is blocked
  • Keep workspace and equipment clean, dry and well ventilated

Steps Employers Should Take to Prevent Workplace Fires

  • Conduct regular emergency and fire drills
  • Check the condition of fire ladders and escapes
  • Teach employees about exit locations, escape routes and fire protection equipment, such as fire extinguishers
  • Post fire escape plans throughout the building
  • Make sure fire sprinklers and fire alarms are properly installed and working as they should be

What to Do During a Fire

  • Call 911
  • Always use the stairs, never the elevator
  • Evacuate building safely
  • If you can’t safely evacuate, you should seal door gaps with jackets or towels, remain at the window, and stay calm

Delta Fire Designs & Services Fire Protection Systems

One of the best ways to keep your workplace or business safe from a fire is to have a fire sprinkler and alarm system installed. Delta Fire can design and install fire protection systems that will keep your property and people safe from fires. We can also inspect and test your systems to keep them functioning properly. We have office locations in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada to serve you. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today.