Home Fire Sprinkler Day Coming May 19th, 2018

May 19th, 2018 is home fire sprinkler day sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association.  It was a project of the NFPA’s fire sprinkler initiative and the home fire sprinkler coalition.  This day was set up to bring awareness to how a home fire sprinkler system can improve your chances of survival in tragic event of a fire in your home.  Fires happen so quickly and are very deadly in minutes.  Every second counts when it comes to being able to escape safely from a fire.  Fire sprinkler systems help immensely when installed in your home.

The vast majority of fire deaths occur at home.  According to a study conducted by the NFPA, home sprinkler systems can improve your chance of survival by an outstanding 80%.  These systems can be installed in both new construction and also retro-fitted into an existing building.  The cost of installing a system is not outlandish and can be offset by savings from a decrease in your premiums for home-owners insurance.

Todays homes have a lot of items in them that can either cause fires or help them burn quicker.  Homes today are built with a lot more lightweight material in them because it is more environmentally friendly.  The downside to this is that the wood can burn faster and your home can collapse faster.  Underwriters Labratories(UL) did a study that compared the old style “legacy materials” versus the new lightweight construction wood and found that a lightweight construction collapsed in 6 minutes compared to 18.5 minutes of the “legacy materials”.  Homes today also have a lot of furniture made of synthetic materials compared to the older furniture made of wood, leather, and cotton.  This synthetic material, according to an NFPA report, can reach dangerous temperatures much faster than “legacy” materials.  These are just a few reasons to think about why it might be important to have a home sprinkler system installed.

Western States Fire Protection has been in the fire protection business for 30 years and counting.  We have installed a countless number of fire sprinkler systems in both new construction and also retro-fit sprinkler systems into homes that have already been built.  We have the experience to take on the tough projects that others shy away from.  Based on what your needs and wishes are we can design, install, service, and maintain a home fire sprinkler system that will help keep you and your loved ones safe.  Contact us today for more information.

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