Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

If you have a commercial kitchen or are installing one, you will be needing a kitchen hood fire suppression system installed. A fire and life safety provider will help you choose a system to protect your staff and facility that is code compliant. Almost half (47%) of the estimated average of 170,200 reported home structure fires in 2011-2015 were caused by cooking. Ranges and cooktops accounted for 62% of these fires and 87% of civilian deaths. More than 55% of all non-fatal injuries occurred from victims trying to fight the fire by themselves.

Delta Fire Technician working on Wet Chemical source for a kitchen hood.

Kitchen hood fire suppression systems have automatic triggers to put out fires quickly and efficiently to minimize damages and safety hazards. Although these suppression systems are primarily installed in commercial kitchens, they can also be used for residential fire protection.

Portable fire extinguishers are another tool for combating kitchen fires. According to code for commercial kitchens, you must first activate the fire suppression system to fight the fire.  If there is any danger after the system is activated, you then can use the K-class fire extinguisher to eliminate any danger that still exists. If you do not have a suppression system installed, it is especially important to have a K-class model extinguisher on hand as it is the most effective extinguisher for kitchen fires.

At Delta Fire Systems, we have expert technicians that specialize in kitchen hood fire suppression systems and portable wet chemical kitchen fire extinguishers. Our team members regularly install systems in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and food trucks! We have over 50 years of experience and are one of a few full-service fire protection contractors installing, servicing, and inspecting kitchen hood fire suppression systems. We are proud authorized distributors of Pyro-Chem by Tyco and Buckeye but can service and inspect any manufacturer system you have as our technicians are factory trained by most manufacturers. We also provide proper fire extinguishers and will train you on how to use them properly.

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