4 Types of Fire Sprinkler Heads


Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most effective methods to protect your facilities from fire. Not all fire sprinkler systems are made equal. There are many different types of fire sprinkler systems as well as many different types of sprinkler heads that can be used. The type of sprinkler head that is used in your application may vary depending on the area that is being protected. Some common types of fire sprinkler heads include:

  1. Pendents

This is the most common type of fire sprinkler head. A pendant sprinkler head hangs from pipes above the ceiling. Pendent sprinklers remain visible after installation. This type of sprinkler head has a convex, circular, gapped deflector plate that disperses water widely in a conical pattern.

  1. Concealed Pendents

Concealed pendent heads are installed in areas that need aesthetically pleasing fire sprinklers. This type of sprinkler head is recessed in the ceiling and covered by a decorative cap. The decorative caps are designed to fall away when the temperature in the room reaches 20 degrees below the sprinkler activation temperature so as not to hinder the water from being discharged.

  1. Upright

Upright sprinkler heads point towards the ceiling. This type of sprinkler head has deflectors that are curved down to spray the water in a hemispherical pattern.

Upright sprinkler heads work well in areas with obstructions, exposed ceilings, or hard to reach places like beams and ducts.

  1. Sidewall

Sidewall sprinkler heads are mounted on the side of a wall. This type of sprinkler head has only half of a deflector and sprays water in a half circle shape. Sidewall sprinkler heads are installed in small rooms, hallways, and areas where the fire sprinkler pipes run up the walls.

Which Fire Sprinkler Head is Right for You?

If you are trying to decide which type of fire sprinkler head would work the best for your application, consult with a fire protection professional. They can help you determine which sprinkler head would provide the best protection for your application.

At Delta Fire Systems, we provide fire sprinkler systems for a wide variety of applications. We have installed sprinkler systems for commercial, government, industrial and residential buildings in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. If you are interested in learning more about the sprinkler systems we can provide, contact us today!